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There is a common misconception that Applied Maths is a harder and more advanced version of regular Maths.  This is not the case.  Applied maths, or “mathematical physics” as it is sometimes known, is all about applying mathematics to physics problems.  Applied Maths is about problem solving and appeals to people who enjoy applying their knowledge to specific tasks. 

Anyone taking the course does need to have a strong grasp of maths and would need to be studying  Higher Level Mathematics.  It is how the mathematical knowledge is used that makes applied maths different.  As well as having a very good mathematical ability, you will also need to be good at solving logic problems.  Spotting clues in a question and working out how to use the clue to solve the problem.  The maths only comes in, once you have worked out what logical approach you will need to take. If you enjoy maths and have a good logical brain, then this is the subject for you!


Ms. Louise Boylan

Senior Cycle

Applied maths is taught as an optional extra subject at senior cycle. Classes take place after school has ended in  the evenings and before school starts in the mornings.
The Applied Maths course consists of 10 separate topics.  These are as follows:

  1. Uniformly Accelerated Motion
  2. Relative Velocity
  3. Projectiles
  4. Newtons’s Laws
  5. Impacts and Collisions
  6. Circular Motion
  7. Statics
  8. Moments of Inertia
  9. Hydrostatics
  10. Differential Equations

The Leaving Cert exam is 2 hrs 30 mins long and during this time you are required to answer 6 out of the 10 questions given on the paper.

Applied Maths is very much a practice based subject. It is not possible to achieve a pass grade purely through learning, understanding the material and being able to apply that understanding is essential.   The only way to get good at Applied Maths is to practice as often as possible and as many different questions as you can get your hands on.  To help you with this, the school has a stock of Applied Maths papers going all the way back to the 1970s!

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