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National Italian Competition

National Italian Competition

On Tuesday, 19th May, five of our students attended a prize-giving event at the Italian Cultural Institute for an Italian competition that they had entered earlier in the year. The 1st year students had to design a poster outlining what Italian meant to them. The 2nd and 3rd year students had to write a postcard in Italian. Leah Kavanagh came second overall in the country in the 2nd year competition. In the 1st year competition, Georgia Houston came 2nd and Bláithín McDonnell came 3rd. Erin Dunne and Beth Sheehan won highly recommended. The students were presented with their prizes which consisted of pasta, biscotti, Italian chocolates, an Italian DVD and a phrase book. We also ordered lunch for all of the students and as the teacher who was presenting mentioned, this was also part of their prize! The students tucked into Italian pizza and focaccia and many Italian delights. Complimenti to all the students involved.  Ms Somers


[ 20 May 2015 ]