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Science Week

Science Week

The Power of Science.

Science week lived up to its theme – The Power of Science – with a weeklong of exciting events demonstrating the many powerful faces of science.

Activities took place every lunch time and started with the Minion Rocket-making class on Monday and launch on Tuesday which was postponed due to rain.

Our 5th year chemists enjoyed a visit to Trinity College for a talk about future careers in chemistry, while our 1st years travelled to DCU for a science-themed workshop.

On Wednesday the younger primary school students Ms. McCarthy’s 6th class, joined Ms. McKeever and Ms. Corrigan in the top labs for a science extravaganza which included a workshop and demo show. Great assistance was given by our 3rd, 5th and 6th year students.

Another powerful event involving bubbles, fire and steam took place in the bottom lab at lunchtime on Thursday with a guest appearance by Tracy Murnane. Tracy willingly allowed us to set her on fire and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, thanks Tracy.

Friday finished off a hectic week with a wonderful debate about the power of nuclear energy which was organised by Mr. Murphy and delivered by some very verbally able 5th years.

Additional events included the online chats to ‘real’ scientists and engineers organised for our 1st and 2nd year students which was well received, and a daily science quiz that kept us all thinking about the power of science.

The week would not happen if it were not for all those who came along and participated in the activities and if not for all the teachers and students who helped out behind the scenes. Huge thanks must go to Ms. McKeever who organised the week's programme.

Ms. Corrigan


[ 20 November 2014 ]