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Leinster Schools Cross Country

Leinster Schools Cross Country

Huge praise and congrats to each and every one of you today (February 15th) on a wonderful example of team spirit, comradery and resilience in one of the toughest sporting events that is cross country running at the Leinster Schools championships. Over 1,000 athletes qualified to compete at this event today from across the whole of the Leinster province. The standard at this event today was the usual 'exceptional' for this sport with Leinster being the strongest of the provinces in the country in athletics.

Well done to our minor team (Sadhbh Mohan, Ella Healy, Grace Maughan, Sinead Cuggy, Sophie Moran, Isabel Ward) of 1st years, on achieving third best team and qualifying for the All Ireland Schools Cross Country Championships which are on in Malluck in Antrim on Saturday 11th March 2017. Also qualifying as an individual in the inter race Aisling Mohan deserves a special mention. 
We had three teams competing today, one of only a three girls schools to have as many teams qualified. They were our minor, inter and senior with expectations of qualifying but not today which has been disappointing for you the athletes. On occasions like this girls, you just put it all down to experience and firmly behind you, and know that you gave of your best. Also know that the greater school community including your parents coaches and teachers are extremely proud of your achievement in qualifying in the first place and that you were all brave to 'toe that line today' in the pursuit of winning, in challenging yourself in such a tough sport. It is in such pursuits that you develop your own character and resilience and no one else can do that for you. Neither can you get it from a book or listening to others but only in the physical endeavor itself. So be really proud of everything you exposed yourself to today in choosing to leave the comfort of the classroom and physically challenge yourself for yourself and your school and 'take a bow'.
Everything I have said here can also be said about our wonderful team of 5th year helpers who helped with the running of the event today and were my right and left hands throughout. 'Take a bow' all of you too. You are my new 'Elite Squad' of helpers, and very deserving of the title, to replace the previous exceptional elite squad now in 6th year who have had to step back from the role this year.
We can't forget your wonderful team manager today Ms. McKeever who pampered you all no end, looking after all your needs throughout the day. I pale in comparison with how she carried out her team manager duties today, with the attention she gave you all. 
I would like to suggest we all meet in the lecture theatre at lunchtime on Friday for a pizza party for everybody who was in Santry today, running or helping out. Please pass on the word and take a collective bow for a job well done today for yourselves and on behalf of the school.
Ms. Corrigan


[ posted under Sport on 01 March 2017 ]