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Mount Sackville at the European Youth Parliament

Mount Sackville at the European Youth Parliament

We are very proud of our three Mount Sackville students, Ciara Fennessy and Sohini Sengupta 5th year and Morna Henehan 4th year, who were selected to represent the school in the European Youth Parliament National Session, in Cork Institute of Technology. The session took place during the Easter Break. The girls continue a tradition of involvement with the E.Y.P.

Please enjoy reading what the girls said about their experience.

Ms. Rye

"We were selected to participate after attending the regional session last October in which four other Mount Sackville students, Katie Duggan, Kate Sullivan, Nicole Kerr and Emer Guissel also represented the school.  The Regional Session was held in Colaiste Eanna and ran over the course of three days. For many of the students it was a first time experience and it is safe to say we were thrown in the deep end. EYP is an organization run solely by young people with a profound interest in politics and current affairs. We kicked the weekend off with some icebreaker games to get everyone out of their comfort zone. Day two of the session is when the real work began. We broke into their respective committees to discuss the issues and solutions surrounding their assigned topics. Finally the groups presented all their hard work at the General Assembly on the third day.

The National Session follows the same format as the regional one, however the delegates take it more seriously as there are places for the International Irish Delegation at stake.  Sohini Sengupta was assigned the committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO), Ciara Fennessy worked with the committee on Transport and Tourism (Tran) and Morna Henehan was involved with the committee on Fisheries (PECH).  All of their committee’s proposed resolutions passed at the general assembly so it was a win-win-win for Mount Sackville.

Ciara Fennessy has now been offered a place on the Irish delegation for the upcoming International sessions and is eagerly awaiting news on which European City she will be travelling to. “I am delighted to get the opportunity to represent the school on an international level and that I can continue to travel as an official with EYP throughout school and college.”

We would really encourage any current or aspiring 4th years to try get involved with EYP next year, as it has been a great experience for all involved and serves as a strong platform for debating and public speaking skills. It has encouraged us, along with many other students EU-wide to become an active citizen and to pursue politically interests and political issues."


[ posted under General News on 05 May 2017 ]