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Scifest 2017

Scifest 2017
As part of the project module in TY our school entered four projects in the Scifest event held in DCU on 5th May 2017.
The four projects were as follows:
  1. The Cost of Sound: Ciara Webster, Kate Elliot, Sadhbh Carey
  2. Sugar V's Sweetners Eimear Dalton: Molly Kortbi, Rachael Furlong
  3. Small Screens Can Cause Big Eye Problems: Claudine McGovern, Ellen Mulholland
  4. Mouldy Bread: Beneficial or Not?:  Valerie Samuilova

At the Scifest science event the girls will get the opportunity to talk about their projects to the judges, who are experts in their fields across the STEM subjects. They will also get valuable feedback on their work which can be beneficial in helping our students shape their thinking about subject choices for senior cycle and future careers. An awards ceremony will follow the judging, to recognise excellence in investigation by the students in their projects.


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