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Shakespeare on the Loose!

Shakespeare on the Loose!

Congratulations to a large group of Transition Years who have put on 11 performances of the original play "Shakespeare on the Loose".  Every student in the school got the opportunity to see this remarkable production and it was so well received.  Two night time shows awarded parents the opportunity to see the production - and the Lecture Theatre was packed to the rafters.  Many, many hours went into rehearsal and performance and so a sincere well done to all involved.  The play takes a break now for the summer but a date has been set aside for a transfer to the Draiocht - pencil in Wednesday September 6 2017 for another spectacular performance for the wider community.  The play was written by Ms Havel and directed by Ms Dowling.

Ms Havel


[ posted under Creative Arts on 09 May 2017 ]