Mount Sackville Secondary School

Sisters of St.Joseph of Cluny, Chapelizod, Dublin 20

About Mount Sackville

About Mount Sackville

Mount Sackville Secondary School was founded in 1864 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny.  Since its foundation, it has taken its place among the leading secondary schools in Ireland and has been synonymous with the education of young women for over 140 years.  It encourages the pursuit of excellence, while offering a high standard of teaching and learning opportunities.

School Philosophy, Aims & Ethos

Cluny Ethos Document

The Student Forum

The Student Forum is a representative body of students, comprising of members from each class group in the school. The forum concerns itself with issues of interest to students and is consulted by school management on developments in the school.

Each class holds a formal election for a representative and a deputy to attend the forum.

The purpose of the Student Forum is to give the students a voice in the activities of school. The Forum meets once a week to debate any issues that have been brought to the attention of the members by their respective classes during the preceding week.  The forum members choose from among their number a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

The Forum has a facilitator from the teaching staff, who attends their weekly meetings. Any matters raised during a Forum meeting may then brought to the Principal for consideration. Another function of the Forum is to organise at least one charity function during the year. One of the functions is generally a Talent Show.

The Parents' Association

All Parents and Guardians of pupils attending Mount Sackville Secondary School are members of the Association. Our Annual General Meeting is held in October of every year and at this meeting class representatives are elected to the Executive Committee. An invitation to attend this meeting is sent out towards the end of September.

One of the aims of the Association is to keep parents informed of school policies, plans and activities.  We also support the staff and management in any way we can e.g. Parent /Daughter Tennis and Badminton evenings, Musical evenings and Quiz nights. The Parents Association is also responsible for organising the Debutantes Ball for the 6th years. 

We also encourage the participation of parents in school activities.  Being involved with the school’s Parent Association, whether by being a class representative or attending activities, demonstrates to your daughter the interest you have in the most important part of her day-to-day life, her school.

Pastoral Care

As part of the school’s pastoral care system, the Dean of year is responsible for the progress and development of the year group.  A Tutor is responsible for each class supervising its overall welfare.

The school also provides a full Guidance and Counselling service.  Personal Counselling is available for each student.  Senior students have access to Career Exhibitions, Aptitude Testing and Career Information classes. Assistance with subject choice is available to Junior and Senior students.


Parents are the Primary educators of their children.  Their cooperation is essential in the partnership necessary for the student’s education.  To maintain this relationship, frequent communication and consultation is necessary.  Parent support programmes are encouraged and the school has an extremely committed and an active Parents Association.  Parents’ days are held annually, on which parents are welcome to meet their daughter’s teachers.


Pupils take an active part in the running of the school as Prefects and as elected class representatives in the Student Forum and as Sports Captains.

Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Anti Bullying Ambassadors document
Anti-Bullying Policy 


The school has a code of discipline based on respect and courtesy, to which students are expected to adhere to at all times.


Mount Sackville Dignity Policy

Student Behaviour Document

Mobile Phone and Digital Device Policy

Parking Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Child Safeguarding Statement

Child Protection Risk Assessment

Data Protection Policy and Procedures