Mount Sackville Secondary School

Sisters of St.Joseph of Cluny, Chapelizod, Dublin 20

Guidance and Counselling


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Guidance Counsellor

Guidance and Counselling is at the heart of our pastoral care in Mount Sackville.  Our Guidance Counsellor has a caring and supportive role in the school where students can get advice and support about a range of issues.   From relationships to study skills and family difficulties to college advice and information, the Guidance Counsellor is on hand to meet with students in a confidential environment where can be cared for and supported throughout their time in the school.  Counselling helps pupils explore their thoughts and feelings and the choices open to them. It gives care and support to pupils learning to cope with the many aspects of growing up and school life and with their individual personal circumstances.

Mount Sackville offers a comprehensive guidance and counselling service to all our students. The Guidance Counsellor liases with Year Heads, Class Teachers, Learning Support Teachers, School Chaplain, Subject Teachers, Deputy Principal and Principal. She also has regular contact with parents, psychologists, employers, colleges, social services, counsellors and the Department of Education

The role of the Guidance Counsellor falls into three areas:

  1. Educational Guidance & Counselling - providing support at key moments during your time in school.  The Guidance Counsellor is involved in helping with the transition from primary to secondary school and with helping with subject choices in second year and fifth year.   The Guidance Counsellor also works with students on developing their study skills.
  2. Vocational Guidance & Counselling - working closely with students in 4th, 5th and 6th year on career/ college choices.
  3. Social and Personal Guidance & Counselling – the Guidance Counsellor is available to meet with students to talk about any issue that might be affecting them.  The students may also have talks and workshops on stress management, making friends, mental health etc.

In first year, the Guidance Counsellor works closely with the Year Head and Tutors to identify students who may need additional support in the transition from primary school into Mount Sackville.  This can be a difficult time for students and their families as they cope with the academic demands of secondary school as well as trying to fit in and make new friends.  The Guidance Counsellor will also be at every parent teacher meeting and there is an evening for parents and students on subject choices towards the send of the year.

Throughout 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, the Guidance Counsellor will be working with the Dean and tutor to identify students who may need support around personal issues (such as depression or low self esteem) or who need support around academic issues (such as study skills, subject choices and identifying students with particular learning needs).

In Transition Year, 5th year and 6th year, the Guidance Counsellor will continue to be on hand for students with personal issues, but all works in class groups with students around colleges and choices after school.  This can involve visits to college open days, having guest speakers in and giving presentations to students and parents about their options.

The Guidance Counsellor is always willing to meet students and parents who may want to discuss any concerns or to provide any guidance advice if necessary.

Catherine Flanagan- School Guidance Counsellor