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Letter to Parents August 2016

Letter from Marese Daly: Mental Health Talk Monday 29th February 2016

March 2016: Presentation about Transition Year for 3rd Years

11th January 2016: After School Supervision Notice 

Evening Study Letter January 2016

The following two presentations were given recently by Catherine Flanagan our Guidance Counsellor:

Incoming 1st Years 2016 Presentation

CAO Presentation 2015


Drop Everything and Read

Mount Sackville will start our Drop Everything and Read initiative for the whole school community on Monday the 9th November. Once each week during class time, students and staff will all take out a book at the same time and simply read for 15 minutes. The time of this will change each week. The aim is to boost literacy levels across the school and to promote reading for pleasure. Students: Make sure you have a good book in your bag. Happy reading everyone!

Evening Study Letter for Parents (revised 15th September 2015):

Evening Study Letter for Parents


Parents' Association Talk 'Study Skills and Your Child' Tuesday 28th April 2015

Please click the following link: Study Skills Talk

Evening Study January 2015 Letter


Dear Parents, due to recent amendments to the school calendar, there are some changes to the dates that Evening Study will not take place. Please see attached amended letter:

Evening Study Letter

Teachers' Strike Letter

Please follow this link to read a letter concerning the proposed teachers' strike on Tuesday 2nd December. Students will be bringing this letter home also:

Strike Letter

Dr Maureen Griffin, October 2014

Dr. Maureen Griffin, Forensic Psychologist, gave an educational talk on Internet and Mobile Technology Safety to parents of Mount Sackville on Monday 20th October. Her presentation included information for parents on Social Networking - e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.; Social Messaging Applications - e.g. Viber, WhatsApp, SnapChat etc.; Cyber-bullying - both online and through mobile phones; The sending of inappropriate pictures of oneself to another person primarily via mobile phone or messaging Apps such as SnapChat; YouTube -Posting Inappropriate Videos, age inappropriate content and Online gaming.

Earlier that day Dr. Griffin gave talks to First and Second Year students and gave them guidance on how to ensure their profiles were private. Further information can be accessed by parents by following the link below to Dr. Griffin’s website.



Second Year Subject Choice 2014 Slides

Fifth Year Subject Choice 2014 Slides


Presentation for 1st Year Parents, September 2013:

Please click here


Campaign Against Government Policy

In the recent budget the pupil teacher ratio (PTR) was raised to 23:1 for fee-charging schools. This compares to a PTR of 19:1 for publicly funded schools. This change may result in higher fees, bigger classes and/or a narrower choice of subjects at our school.

Please see the attached letter from the Chairperson of the Mount Sackville PA which details a campaign of lobbying against these cuts.  We would appreciate your support.

Letter About Campaign

Proposed Format For Letter


Aoife Keegan Presentation to 5th Year Students

Aoife Keegan returned to the school to give us a fantastic presentation on her career so far as a Geologist.   Aoife is particularly interested about promoting women in science and when the opportunity came up through Linkedin she was delighted to get a chance to return to Mount Sackville and talk about her career so far.

Interestingly, Aoife wasn’t planning on specialising in Geology when she first went to Trinity to study science.  It was only when she realised that the geography students were heading off on field trips and having a great time that she decided to give it a go herself and she loved it!   She had many interesting stories from her travels and brought us in examples of crystals and unusual rocks she had found. 

Her career has taken her to jobs on the Arctic Circle to the heart of Africa and she has friends and contacts from every part of the world.  Her enthusiasm for her career and passion for exploring and discovering was infectious and I think every girl in the school should hear what she had to say.  She was hugely entertaining and engaging speaker and so encouraging that I think most of the audience left thinking that being a Geologist was a pretty great job!

Link to Aoife's Presentation



National Parents’ Council Post Primary and the NCCA New Junior Cycle Parent Information Evenings 2013

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CAO Presentation

On Tuesday 16th October, a talk about the CAO application process was held in the school for 6th Year students and their parents. This link takes you to the presentation, which was given by Catherine Flanagan, the school's Career Guidance Counsellor:

Choices 2013: a Guide for Parents and Students 


LinkedIn Group for Past Pupils

The Parents Association of Mount Sackville has launched a LinkedIn Group for past pupils and parents of current pupils. 

The parents are hoping to hear about the successes, experiences and networks of past pupils with a view to inspiring current students to “reach for the stars”.

We would also like to hear from the parents of current pupils who are interested in helping us to achieve these goals.

It can also be used as a forum to get in touch with old friends.

If you would like to help, or simply want to keep in touch, we would appreciate you joining using the LinkedIn link at the bottom of this page. 

Whole School Evaluation Report, published March 2011

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