Mount Sackville Secondary School

Sisters of St.Joseph of Cluny, Chapelizod, Dublin 20



What a year this has been for rowing! Having been only recently established in this school, rowing has been a popular fixture on Monday lunchtimes. We anticipate that in the coming years it will continue to grow after our very successful beginning.

Given that it is a relatively new sport to the school, we have done a lot of work in raising the awareness of what rowing is all about and the benefits and enjoyment that can be had. We started with just a few girls who were interested in coming along until word got around about this great way to work out, get fit and have fun.

The key to the success of the lunchtime rowing sessions are the four high-standard indoor rowing machines (ergs) which essentially simulate the experience of rowing on the river. The lunchtime sessions are built around these ergs, consisting of warm-ups, fun challenge and races, all to improve fitness and stamina. The girls have set themselves personal challenges and can see improvements each week.

No doubt, the highlight of the rowing calendar so far this year was our memorable trip to Municipal Rowing Club, located between Islandbridge and Chapelizod. Twenty-two girls came along to try it out, some with previous rowing experience and some complete beginners. Instructors at the club provided a great introduction to rowing and a fun hour on the water. Luckily we had dry weather, in stark contrast to the previous day’s snow and rain. The club, situated where other rowing clubs such as UCD, Trinity and Neptune are located, is adjacent to the picturesque Memorial Park. All the girls enjoyed rowing on the scenic River Liffey. Thankfully nobody fell in!

Rowing is a sport that involves a lot of teamwork, all about timing in order for the boat to move smoothly and efficiently. It is a physically demanding sport that really improves and enhances fitness. The girls had the opportunity to row in groups of 4, a challenging experience which could stimulate their interest as they were taught the introductory techniques. Rowing is particularly popular in college so these experiences could give them an advantage if trying out for teams in college. We look forward to rowing developing even more as a sport in our school.

Laura Cronin
Mercedes McGovern  
(Rowing Sports Secretaries)