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Postive Action Week

Postive Action Week

Positive Action Week in Mount Sackville was organised by our PositiveAction StudentLeaders(PALs)

The week was a great success for all members of staff and students and featured many inter-related events promoting friendship, inclusion and kindness.

Mr Leonard hosted lunch time Karaoke, throughout the week.


All 1st years, new students and new members of staff imprinted their coloured handprint on our Friendship Wall which symbolises our togetherness as a community.

Every student in the school designed a gratitude decoration which was placed on our beautiful Gratitude Tree, expressing all the blessings that we are grateful for.

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The week culminated with our Friday Compliment Daywhere every student received a compliment from the PALs as well as a chocolate treat. The students wore a variety of colours to symbolise our diversity and inclusion.

The staff were also treated by the 6th year students who designed handmade Thank You cards for every staff member in the school. These very special cards were also accompanied by a chocolate treat.

All students engaged in Friendship Workshop throughout the week. These workshops are part of the D.C.U .FUSE Programme.

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We would like to thank all the PALs in the school for making the week such a positive and pleasant week for all of us. Thank you to the class tutors for carrying out the workshops. Gratitude also the the PAL Teacher Teams for all their hard work and their generosity of time and to the 6th year PAL Coordinators who worked tirelessly throughout the week. A huge gratitude to Ms Delaney who planned, coordinated and oversaw all the events. We are extremely grateful to Ms Cuddihy-Higgins and Ms McGlinn for allowing us the time to have such a fantastic week and to all staff members who facilitated the activities.

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