Love the children … and make a great effort to improve their education
and raise it to as high a degree as possible. Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

And a Tree was planted...

And a Tree was planted...


Launch of the Mount Sackville Past Pupils Union

At the launch of the Mount Sackville Past Pupils Union, we planted a tree. The Tree planted is a Mountain Ash tree. A Mount Ash produces yellow berries in the Autumn. Yellow is the colour of friendship thus it is truly fitting that in the Autumn, yellow berries will appear on the tree as the school year begins and so many friendships new and old, flourish and grow. The Berries will also symbolise the warm welcome that will be extended to all of the students that have graduated.
It is important to note that the Mount Ash is formally known as the Sorbus Joseph Rock. As Mount Sackville is a school of the Saint Joseph of Cluny Sisters it is fitting and beautiful to plant this tree of yellow berries that is also known as the rock of Joseph.
In discussions with the six past students who make up the new Past Pupils committee, the Principal Mrs Eileen Cuddihy-Higgins, Ms Mary Delaney and I spoke about a Past Pupils Union rooted in the Charism of the founding Sisters.
When we create something in the space of its origin, we don't always aim to follow the exact same path. Rather, we go back to the original energy of the founding spirit and embrace that energy to move forward.
As with all things Mount Sackville, we blessed our tree and asked God to be with us as we journey on.

God of Creation,

As we gather together to bless and celebrate the launch of the Past Pupils Union, we pray that this tree may serve as a living witness to our commitment to life-long education in faith, hope and love as at Mount Sackville we educate the whole person, in heart, body and mind.

Grant us the courage to continue the work of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny that began 160 years ago from the well of goodness that sprung from Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey. Help us to always be inspired by our shared history and delight in its continuation through Christ, your Son, our Lord.

With this tree we wish to remember all of Mount Sackville past pupils: the education they received, the friends they made, the memories they created.

We pray for the humility to revere and respect the tradition as we carry it forward.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


We will work to place out footsteps in the footprints of the Founding Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny; Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey and Mother Pichet, following as well as leading, remaining true as well as creating a new imprint that walks out into the world of 2020 and beyond.

It is no coincidence that last week we celebrated 160 years of Mount Sackville. We also planted a tree to symbolise the growth and love
that has taken place since the beginning in 1860. It is truly fitting that the new Past Pupils Union is launched days after this celebration.
We are excited to embrace the energy from the origins of this place, we are empowered by the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny to emanate their ways in faith, hope and love. And so, we begin anew, together.
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