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Cluny Day

Cluny Day

The Cluny Day festivities at Mount Sackville sparkled in an array of vibrant colors, camaraderie, and athleticism as we all united under the banner of "Comóradh Agus Ceiluradh". Blessed with perfect weather, students and staff alike reveled in a day filled with team and individual sport activities, fostering a sense of community spirit that echoed through the school grounds.


The day unfolded with a whole-school mass in the Gym Hall. Fr. Bryan Shortall of Capuchin Friars led the congregation in prayers, singing and reflection and we were delighted to be joined by the Sisters of Cluny. The community was not only united in liturgy and communion but also by wearing a Cluny Day 2024 t-shirt that encapsulated the spirit of togetherness and the school's core values.


Cluny Day T-Shirt

After the mass it was time to announce the eagerly anticipated Cluny Day t-shirt competition winners. Dr Walsh applauded the students for their understanding of the school ethos, their creativity and artistic flair and remarked on the very high level of this year's competition. After a rigorous selection process, the winning design as well as two runner-up designs were chosen. Orla Rogers from the Parents Association presented Lexi Tarran (3rd Year Keane), Praveena Ventham (1st Year Celine) and Jane Marren (6th Year Earhart) with One For All vouchers as a token of appreciation and recognition.

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Sports Activities

The jovial atmosphere was palpable as classes and their Tutors marched onto the Grit Pitch with their hand-made banners. After this presentation the games began and students rushed to participate in the myriad activities lined up for the day, ranging from track events such as the 75m, 200m, and 400m races to field events including high jump, long jump, and discus throw. Under a watchful eye of designated staff members and with their great encouragement and support, the students tested their limits and set new records embodying the spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship.

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As we broke for lunch the students were treated with a delectable BBQ organized by the Parents Association. The aroma of sizzling burgers filled the air and the students patiently lined up to collect their lunch. Over 600 burgers were served and there was one for everyone. Huge gratitude to Gleesons Traditional Family Butchers for their generous donation of hamburgers and to our wonderful and hard-working team of Parent Association for ensuring that appetites were satiated on this hot May day.

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Sunbathing and Surfers

In the meantime, the 6th-year students embraced a theme of coastal bliss, transforming into surfers and showcasing beachwear and swimming accessories. They could not have asked for a better weather and indeed they embraced the sunshine and sunbathed blissfully on the grass outside their Common Room.

Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Cunningham at the registration desk ensured all the students stay safe on this sunny day and distributed sun cream.

The day culminated in a highly anticipated staff versus 6th-year students relay, igniting the grounds with fervent sports emotions.

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Throughout the day, the ever-efficient Mrs. O'Donovan orchestrated the proceedings with finesse and cheer. As all the competitions had finished and all the points had been counted and recounted it was time to announce the results ... drumroll ...

1st Place - McKenna: 257 points
2nd Place - Bernadette: 234 points
3rd Place - Nolan: 203 points
4th Place - Eve: 184 points
5th Place - Holohan: 182 points
Best class in each year
1st Year - Marian: 180 points
2nd Year - Eve: 184 points
3rd Year - McKenna: 257 points
4th Year - Nolan: 203 points
5th Year - Bernadette: 234 points

Memories Made

This Cluny Day 2024 left us with a tapestry of memories - of unity, talent, and spirited competition - embodying the essence of Mount Sackville vibrant community. Well done to all the students who participated, competed and cheered for their peers. Huge gratitude to Ms Clifford, Ms McMoreland, Mr O'Reily and Sports Department for the line-up of the activities and to all dedicated staff members who ensured competitions ran smoothly. We are already looking forward to the next year.

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