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Graduating Class of 2021 commemorate with a Memory Book

Graduating Class of 2021 commemorate with a Memory Book

To celebrate and mark the end of six years at Mount Sackville the 2021 graduate class has created a “Memory Book” filled with words and images that highlight moments of fun, school friendships, school trips, plays and sporting achievements recorded over the years.

The Memory Book is a keepsake for students, teachers and parents of the classes Davy, Edison, Faraday, Telsa and Volta that began their Mount Sackville journey in September 2015. It contains a collection of special memories from each class through photography and articles, along with farewell letters from Tutors.

This special publication is sponsored by the Parents Association and is compiled by Ciara Mulligan, Amy Ward, Claire McDonnell, Ally McCaghy, with editorial guidance from Ms Simmons. The Memory book is available for 6th Year students to purchase from the school in May.

“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things” Cicero

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