'Ours is not to reap the harvest, Ours is just to sow the seed'
Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

Launch of the Mount Sackville Past Pupils Union

Launch of the Mount Sackville Past Pupils Union
Launch of the Mount Sackville Past Pupils Union
On the 14th of December 2020, six members of our new committee for the Mount Sackville Past Pupils Union arrived for the Tree Planting Ceremony to launch this exciting project.

PP tree.jpg

The group were welcomed at reception and brought over to plant a tree to mark the occasion. There was a beautiful plaque laid at the base of the tree which reads "May Our Lives Be Rooted in Love" and the tree was planted.
The group were joined by an array of teachers who are also past pupils of the school. The whole group were invited to add soil to the base and the tree. It was then blessed with holy water from Lourdes.
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For many years, the students of Mount Sackville have celebrated the bonds that they have formed at school and enjoy each other's company in a variety of fashions.

The Launch of this Union will serve to formalize those arrangements and ensure that when students leave the school, they will enter into the world confident in the knowledge that a large support network of contacts awaits and welcomes them.
The Union will be made of a six-person committee consisting of the following roles: lainch9.jpg

  • Chairperson: Jessica O'Neill
  • Secretary: Sophie Boucher
  • Social Media Executive (Weekly Instagram): Emily O'Neill
  • Present Pupils Liaison (Careers Fair for students): Aoife Sullivan
  • Fundraising Convenor (Fun Run coordinator): Grainne Hawkes
  • Events Executive (Annual Reunion organizer): Eadhaoin Downey
It is our hope that together we can arrange a number of events in the years to come that will foster relations and keep our community alive and strong.
We are so looking forward to seeing how this community develops and evolves in due course!
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