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Parent Association Acknowledge Retiring Members.

Parent Association Acknowledge Retiring Members.

The Parent Association’s current Secretary and Finance Officer retire in May 2022. Their efforts over the past few years were acknowledged at a gathering of the Parent Association Year Groups (PAYG) hosted at the Castleknock Lawn Tennis Club in April.

Jacki Parker and Alana Farrelly both encountered a challenging two years in their roles as Mount Sackville’s PA Secretary and Finance Officer respectively.

Despite the curtailment of traditional PA events they ensured that alternative activities were provided at Mount Sackville and were able to facilitate Sponsorship, Fundraising and Fun Days for the students.

The Parent Association say “Thank You” and wish Jacki and Alana all the best for the future when they retire at the end of May.

Photograph Above: Jacki Parker (left) and Alana Farrelly (right).

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