'Ours is not to reap the harvest, Ours is just to sow the seed'
Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

Sinking in the Dark by Lucy Donegan

Sinking In The Dark

Salty water

Streaming down her cheeks

A series of savage blows,

Silent.Voiceless. She can't speak.

She's lost in the shadows,

Swallowed up at sea.

Anger consumes him

If she could be brave, she could be free.

The nefarious acts etched into her skin

A lonely, unrecognisable thing.

When a woman obeys his will

She forgets the tormenting pain it brings.

Times up on the front line.

What malevolent sway love has in people's lives,

But, there is a glimpse of hope-

A chance we can survive.

Lucy Donegan.

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