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The Merit Initiative 2019/2020

The Merit Initiative 2019/2020

The Merit initiative is a new system introduced in September 2019 for recognising and rewarding the vast amount of our students who consistently fulfill the requirements for a positive engagement in our school community. This means that a student who consistently wears her school uniform with pride; completes her homework to the best of her ability; is respectful on the corridor; shows kindness and consideration to her peers; uses her creativity and skill in extra curricular activities and makes an effort to reach her potential both inside and outside the classroom can now officially be recognised in our school community.

A teacher can reward a ‘Merit’ to a student for supporting school spirit, for academic progress, extra curricular activities and for making an effort. The teacher can write a short note in the Merit page in the school journal and also input this information on VSware. Each month, the Deans in collaboration with the tutors, will review the Merits for each class group and calculate one student who receives the highest number of merits for each year group. This student will receive a ‘Student of the Month’ award and certificate at assembly.

This is a pilot initiative which is in place in this academic year for first to transition year students and

there has been very positive feedback from students and staff regarding the impact this reinforcement has on our whole school community. We are very lucky in Mount Sackville to have students who strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives and this new Merit initiative reflects that our school is proud of all of our students who embrace the ethos of our school in such a positive manner every day.

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