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The Ploughing Championships Sophie Creedon

The Ploughing Championships Sophie Creedon

Mount Sackville Geography Students at the Ploughing championships

On Thursday 20thof September Ms Delaney, Ms Begley and Ms Loftus took Mount Sackville’s Third Year Geography Students (wearing their newly purchased wellies) down to Screggan in Tullamore for the annual Ploughing Championships.

In Geography third year students study Primary Economic Activities, including Farming, which involves inputs, process and outputs. The geography trip to the Ploughing greatly improved our knowledge on the subject of Agriculture and was a fantastic experience for all 116 girls who attended.

Armed with worksheets we were given tasks of visiting different stands to gather information on different aspects of farming.

Personally I learned that there are at least five different breeds of cattle. I was made aware of the everyday struggles of farmers in Ireland and that it is expensive to be a farmer, especially as they depend so much on the weather.

In Geography class we were made aware that farming has become very mechanised and on the day I witnessed very cool technology to help farmers, for example cameras called, MOOCALL which allow farmers to know when the cow or sheep are going to give birth, instead of the farmer having to go down the field to check on the animals at very difficult times of the day and night.

This year despite storm Ali, there were over 200,000 people who attended the ploughing. It was the 88thyear of the Championship. This event is the biggest farming event in the whole of Europe. It makes a huge contribution to the economy of Ireland and over the last three years has brought thousands of people to Co. Offaly, thereby generating capital.

All 116 students had a fantastic day out and wish to thank their Geography Teachers for giving them this amazing opportunity to witness farming at first hand and to be part of such an important international event.

Sophie Creedon. Class Lynn

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