'Ours is not to reap the harvest, Ours is just to sow the seed'
Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

What would our world / life be like without philosophy?

What would our world / life be like without philosophy?

What would our world / life be like without philosophy?

Philosophy studies problems concerning matters such as existence and reason. I think philosophy is important in human life because it settles our curious thoughts about our existence while it also pushes us to think outside the box. Without philosophy, life would be very dull, as questions would be not asked about the world; people's opinions and ideas would be silenced, and therefore everyone would be forced to be the same.

Author: Ava Kiely

Philosophy studies universal and fundamental problems that concern matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language.

Through philosophy, our world has evolved dramatically. Some of the philosophical ideas that shaped our world include idealism, materialism, rationalism and the list could go on. Socrates and Plato from ancient Greece thought up many important ideas and philosophical concepts. Even political systems such as capitalism, democracy, communism developed based on philosophical questions and thoughts.

As I have mentioned before, philosophy is an intrinsic part of our world and without it, all of the things that we have today would seize to exist.

Without philosophy, there would be no equality; human beings wouldn't be given the freedom to make their own choices, and every day would be the same. There would be no freedom of anything because no one would have the strength or the ability to speak up. It is through thoughts and ideas that our world became the way it is today. And if I am honest, I wouldn't want to live in a world with no freedom, equality, choices, ideas...

We may not think it, but philosophy is essential to our world, and we should thank our stars every day we have it.

Author: Ashna Kalra

Philosophy is a way of thinking about and reflecting on the world and society. Every day we question the world around us, even simple things in an attempt to find out why things happen.

If we had a world without philosophy, then it would be a world without original thoughts and new ideas. As no one would take the initiative and try to improve society, we could be still living in stone age. No one would care about the past and the future. Everyone would be concerned only with herself/himself in the present moment.

There would be no structure to society, no democracy, no political system, no order. People wouldn't be trying to seek happiness or fortune as the thought of trying to find these would be nonexistent.

Without philosophy how could anyone come up with terms such as hate and love, or even with the idea of equality? We can also ask whether hatred, prejudice and bigotry are taught? If so would there be any hatred, prejudice and bigotry without education? How could we come up with ideas such as equality and justice if we didn't reflect on inequality and injustice? The same applies to concepts such as racism and sexism. These are all philosophical questions.

As philosophy is based on questioning everything that we often take for granted, without philosophy, the world around us would just merely be accepted as it is.

Author:Yvonne Farrell

Philosophy studies the nature of existence, reality and knowledge. It is where people seek to understand truths about themselves, about the world we live in and their relationships with those around them.

If you break down the world philosophy, you come to two Greek words: philo, which means love and sophia, which means wisdom; therefore in essence philosophy is the 'love for wisdom'.

I think if there was no philosophy, we wouldn't see or at least attempt to see things around us the way they truly are. Us humans we want to pursue knowledge mainly in the form of facts and data, but without philosophy, we wouldn't be able to understand the true nature of anything. It is like Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, described in his famous analogy of the cave, we live in a cave, and we can only see the shadows of reality. We can't see anything for what it truly is. We can't 'see' the actual reality of the things around us. However, with philosophy, we may embark on the journey of discovery to see what the world is like 'outside our cave'. We can try and understand. We can attempt to answer all the questions we ask. We can attempt to answer some fundamental questions such as why we exist and why is our world the way it is; this is why philosophy is so important to us. Without philosophy, our society, which is built on enquiring and questioning, and our live in it, would be meaningless.

Author: WeiWei Teong

So, is there a purpose of philosophy?

Yes, without philosophy there would be no questions, everyone would think the same. The world would become very black and white. There would be no ‘colour’ or diversity. I believe that life would be very dull without philosophy and I am not willing to live in a world where the only answers to a question are yes and no.

Author: Mia Malone

The world without philosophy would be less interesting as philosophy challenges us to think deeper about the world around us. Without philosophy, we wouldn't try to understand the meaning of our existence; we wouldn't question beliefs, we wouldn't study the nature of knowledge and truth, and we wouldn't reflect on our freedoms.

Author: Niamh Cronin

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