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Applied Mathematics

Subject summary

There is a common misconception that Applied Maths is a harder and more advanced version of regular Maths. This is not the case. Applied Maths is a fascinating subject which deals with solving real-life problems using mathematical models. It overlaps with both the Mathematics course as well as the Physics course. The Maths syllabus is very similar in its approach to Applied Maths. The emphasis is on using different mathematical models to solve everyday problems. Unlike any other subject in the Leaving Cert (with the possible exception of Maths), Applied Maths is about problem-solving, so if you like a challenge then Applied Maths is for you. Applied Maths will instil skills which will last a lifetime, like, how to analyse a problem, how to represent the problem mathematically, how to solve the maths, and then how to interpret your answer so that it makes sense when applied to real life situations.

Why study ?

If you are getting A or B grades in Maths and/or Physics, you should be capable of getting similar grades in Applied Maths, thus enabling you to increase your points in the Leaving Cert. As there is a high maths content in the course, it will also give you a better understanding of some parts of the Honours Maths course – especially Trigonometry, Calculus (Differentiation and Integration) and Vectors. It is ideal for students who may be weak at other subjects (such as languages), and good at Maths, as they can do honours Applied Maths to increase their points. It is very possible to cover the whole course in one year if a student is committed. Thus if you are starting Leaving Cert year, it is not too late to start. If you are considering studying any kind of engineering in college, Applied Maths is very important – all engineering students have to study Applied Maths in first year in college and you will have a head start if you have the Leaving Cert course done.

Course Content

The Applied Maths course consists of 10 separate topics.

These are as follows:

  1. Uniform Acceleration
  2. Relative Velocity
  3. Projectiles
  4. Newton’s Laws on Connected Particles
  5. Impacts and Collisions
  6. Circular Motion
  7. Statics
  8. Moment of Inertia
  9. Hydrostatics
  10. Differential Equations

Exam Structure

The Leaving Certificate exam is 2 hrs 30 mins long and during this time you are required to answer 6 out of the 10 questions given on the paper.

Career Possibilities

This subject comes highly recommended for students considering a career in any area of, Farming, Horticulture & Forestry Construction, Architecture & Property Biological, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science Computers & ICT Banking & Financial Services Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy Physics, Mathematics & Space Science Earth & Environment Biomedical Technologies & Medtech

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