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Physical Education

Subject summary

Mount Sackville boasts an extensive Physical Education programme which aims to expose students to a wide variety of physical activities. The school is located on the doorstep of the Phoenix Park which has allowed our PE department to utilise the fantastic facilities of the park to improve our PE offering. The Senior Cycle of Physical Education moves away from the skill-based learning which has been extensively covered at Junior level and focuses more on exploration and lifelong learning which will continue to benefit students throughout their lives.

Why study ?

Physical education is an important component of the school curriculum at Mount Sackville. Students are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between their studies and exercise allowing them to manage both a physical and mental workload and promoting physical and mental wellbeing. For students who do not peruse a career in a related field the knowledge gained from the course can still provide immense benefits throughout their lives, enabling them to maximise their own physical activity.

Course Content

In Senior Cycle, students are timetabled for one double period a week. Please see below an example of the units covered throughout the Senior Cycle:

5th Year:

Unit 1: Health-Related Activities

Unit 2: Adventure Education -Camp Craft (Pioneering Skills)

Unit 3: Artistic and Aesthetic Movement - Dance/Yoga

Unit 4: Net Games -Volleyball,

Unit 5: Invasion Games -Rugby Union or Olympic Handball

Unit 6: Athletics

6th Year:

Unit 1: Health-Related Activities

Unit 2: Invasion/Net Games- Olympic Style Review

Unit 3: Gymnastics -Apparatus Work

Unit 4: Artistic and Aesthetic Movement- Yoga/Relaxation- Before Mock Examinations

Unit 5: Adventure Education – Orienteering -Phoenix Park

Unit 6: Net Games- Tennis

Exam Structure

This is a non-exam subject.

Career Possibilities

Athlete, Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Sports Administration, Sports Science, Teaching, Education, Coaching.

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