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T.Y. Library Skills Module

Transition Year Library Skills Module

Lesson 1.

How the library is arranged. Borrowing resources. Browsing. Enquiries. Shelfmarks. Reference Books. Indexes.
The Dewey Decimal Classification System: Hand out Dewey bookmarks. Explain the Dewey System. PowerPoint explaining Dewey. Questions.
The Library Catalogue Online: How to use the Library Catalogue: demonstrated on screen.

Introduction to the concept of subject searches using keywords.

Exercise: students try out catalogue on iPads. Questions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Be orientated in the library
  • Have an understanding of the Dewey system and how to find a book by its number
  • Be confident with using the Library Catalogue independently
  • Understand the concept of searching using keywords in the Library Catalogue, in indexes in books and in reference books.

Lesson 2.

Plagiarism and citing references:
How and when to cite references. Exercise sheet to fill in giving topics and references to fill in for website, book and magazine sources.
The Steps of Research: handout with research steps.
Learning outcomes:

  • Know the steps to follow when planning and carrying out a research project. Understand the concept of research questions.
  • Be able to cite references for book, website and article sources.
  • Know the difference between primary and secondary resources.
  • Understand what plagiarism is and how and why to avoid it.

Lesson 3.

Internet searching:

Search engines. Google video “How Search Works”. Google tips sheet. Narrowing down. Advanced search. Look at parts of the search result. Images.
“Savvy Searching” video. Discussion.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify relevant keywords and concepts
  • Identify the different parts of a search result
  • Know how to narrow down a search to make it more relevant
  • Use the tips given to carry out effective information retrieval using a search engine

Lesson 4.

Evaluating Websites:

Books vs. websites.

Who? What? When? PowerPoint showing hoax website, bias, website language, etc.

Propaganda and fake news.

Exercise: Use given keywords and retrieve and evaluate websites.

Email internet safety videos to all TYs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to evaluate a website
  • Learn what indicates a reliable trustworthy source

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