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“Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times” - Stella O’Malley

In January the Parents Association arranged for Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist, to present talks on mental wellbeing to the Mount Sackville junior year students, and the schools parents and guardians respectively.
“Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times” - Stella O’Malley

“Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times” - Stella O’Malley

The tailored talks entitled “Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times” were presented via Zoom and Stella, whose alma mater was Mount Sackville, provided thought provoking advice, interspersed with her gift for storytelling.

Stella O'Malley is a mental health professional, best-selling author, public speaker and a parent with many years’ experience working in counselling and psychotherapy.

According to Stella, anxiety is the most common mental health issue in Ireland today, and is often contagious and so can infect the whole family. Anxiety is often described as an over-estimation of the danger and an under-estimation of ones ability to cope.

“ Stella gave a wonderful, informative talk, and lots of super advice to us all, I could have listened to her wonderful advice all evening! “ Parent feedback

Stella is a regular contributor to the Irish Independent, the Sunday

Independent, RTE, Newstalk FM and Today FM. Her bestselling books include “Cotton Wool Kids”, “Bully-Proof Kids” and “Fragile”.


“Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times” – Mount Sackville Presentation


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