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Mock Interviews Go Virtual at Mount Sackville

Mock Interviews Go Virtual at Mount Sackville

This year’s Mock Interviews were hosted virtually for the Transition Year students at the school and took place over three days in May.

This educational exercise is jointly organised by the school’s Career Guidance Department in association with the Parents Association and was first introduced in 2018.

Due to Covid restrictions the event was adapted to run virtually and given that online interviews are the new norm in most companies this was particularly useful for the Transition Year students.

Over the three days 104 TY students were interviewed virtually by parents, past-pupils and new parents who’s daughters will start later this summer. The students sat at designated PC’s in classrooms at Mount Sackville, while the interviewers were at remote locations. All 48 interviewers took valuable time away from their busy schedules to volunteer, and this year’s ‘virtual experience’ would not have been possible without their patience, energy and good humour. The Parents Association and the school are deeply grateful for their participation.

Encouraging feedback from the interviewers, school and students is testament that this collaborative initiative is a key annual fixture valued by all parties as highlighted in the quoted comments below.

TY Student comments

"I will not be as nervous the next time doing an interview and know that I have to prepare well now. The interviewers gave me great feedback, I am delighted that I did my mock interview."

"I was very nervous as I never had an interview before, but the interviewers were so nice and put me at my ease."

"It was a great experience and I have already submitted my CV to some coffee shops in the hope of getting some Summer work."

Interviewer comments

‘It was a very enjoyable exercise and we were very impressed with how strongly the girls interviewed. All the candidates were a credit to the school.”

“Sadbh and I were really impressed by the 5 candidates today. Great interviews by all, with positive feedback delivered.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to be involved and to meet these lovely young ladies with amazing potential.”

Sincere thanks to the organisers of this initiative, Miriam Kenny (Career Guidance Department), Christina Pieri (Microsoft TEAMS consultant) and Stephanie Fay (PA liaison representative) and IT wizard Ger Keane who ensured that the Microsoft TEAMS platform operated smoothly.

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