'Ours is not to reap the harvest, Ours is just to sow the seed'
Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Friday 11th March - Red Cross and On-the-Ground Displaced Families Fundraising for Ukraine Crisis

To show solidarity with the Ukrainian people, Mount Sackville School and their Parents Association are joining the global fundraising efforts. Students are invited to wear the colours of the Ukrainian flag next Friday 11th March 2022. Financial contributions will be donated to the Red Cross that obtain food, medicine, shelter and water for families and also to two Christian communities who are housing the displaced people from Ukraine in Poland and in Romania. Please remember to bring a donation of €5 on the day for this worthy cause or alternatively make a donation directly to the Red Cross or to EasyPayments through your school account. Thank you so much in advance for your solidarity and your support.

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