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Subject summary

Business aims to contribute to a balanced and appropriate education, leading to the personal and social development of students through a study of business and enterprise. It aims to encourage a clear understanding of enterprise in business and personal life. An insight into the overall environment in which business functions and preparation for adult working life should be achieved. Business is not specifically required for entry into any third level course but it would certainly be beneficial for candidates who might be interested in courses or careers in the area of finance, enterprise, law and communications.

Why study?

Business is a subject that will benefit students in their personal and working life. Business will suit a candidate who is interested in current affairs and listens to the news, reads the papers and stays alert to what is happening in the general business world. While there is a fair share of learning of key concepts the ability to apply these concepts in everyday life will be the difference between passing the subject and getting a good mark. While the business concepts are easy to understand, it will be important to show that you can apply the concept to everyday business life. This subject suits someone who has an organised mind and likes to answer questions in bullet points, rather than in long essay format. This subject would be useful to anyone thinking of starting his or her own business in the future. Recommendations/Tips: The subject is suited to students who are willing to work hard and caters for all abilities. It is not necessary for students to have studied Junior Certificate Business Studies, but this would be a help. Not necessary to write long essays, answers are presented in bullet points. Course content is factual and requires a lot of learning, containing only a few mathematical elements. Ideally, students would have an interest in business and current affairs and would have an up to date knowledge of economic environment. An organised and consistent attitude to homework and study would be essential in this subject

Course Content

  1. People in Business
  2. Enterprise
  3. Management 1
  4. Management 2
  5. Business in Action
  6. Domestic Environment
  7. International Environment Topics include: Consumer and employment law, marketing, financial management, human resource management, the EU, government and business, technology and business

Exam Structure

3 hours 400 marks

Section A:

10 short questions answer 8

Section B:

Applied Business Question (ABQ)

Section C:

Answer four questions from Section C as follows:

One question from Part 1

Two questions from Part 2

and One other question from either

Past Papers

LC 2023 Business Section 1

LC 2023 Business Section 2 and 3

Career Possibilities


Business management /HR







Banking and Finance

Tourism and Hospitality



Own business

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