Love the children … and make a great effort to improve their education
and raise it to as high a degree as possible. Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

Lighthouse Leaders

In Mount Sackville, we have a team of Lighthouse Leaders. By being a Lighthouse Leader, we are actively giving our Service in our faith community as well as our school community. The Lighthouse Programme is about befriending, caring for, and helping the 6th class pupils in Scoil Mhuire to celebrate their Confirmation in a way that will encourage them to begin in faith, hope and love, their individual journeys into adult faith.

In the programme, we undertake 8 sessions of Leadership training after which we are partnered up and then each set of leaders leads 5 sessions of peer ministry with the 6th class pupils. We are following Hendrick’s model of learning by doing! Learning by doing is a theory
that places heavy emphasis on actual engagement; it is hands-on, task-oriented, and progresses to change and growth.

As a group here in Mount Sackville, we are engaging with the programme content that calls us to be participative, to explore our own faith and to work through this together in the session and through the skills we are learning on reflective journalling. This is an essential skill for transformative leadership, which is the leadership of service we are hoping to share.

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We are learning to lead, we are being led to lead. We are learning that a leader is an ordinary person doing extra-ordinary things. We each can lead; in the Lighthouse Leadership Programme, it is about having the authentic intention to lead and journey with the Scoil Mhuire 6th class pupil in a way that helps her grow, explore and become more aware of what the Sacrament of Confirmation is all about. We are each discovering strengths and capabilities that we didn’t know we had and we are becoming ever more confident not only in our leadership abilities but also in our own personal as well as communal faith journey.We embody our faith, as fragile and vulnerable as it is.
We embody our hope, as limitless ad full of promise as it can be.
We embody your love Lord, as unconditional and devoted as it will always be.
Together we share,
Together we shoulder.
Together we shelter,
All that will grow from the seeds of our faith and the efforts of our servant leadership.

Mount Sackville Lighthouse Leadership Application Form

To check out the programme, please click here.

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