'Ours is not to reap the harvest, Ours is just to sow the seed'
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"Dear students, philosophy, which translates as a love of wisdom, runs through human history like a river created by many joined streams, sometimes calm allowing us to understand and analyze the world around us, always deep, making us reflect on the meaning and the ultimate purpose of our existence and occasionally like flood waters inspiring revolutions and changing eras. Our TY Philosophy Course will invite you to take a swim in the river of philosophy; it will strengthen your muscles of critical thinking, it will allow you to question and inquire. It will enable you to express your thoughts and opinions in an atmosphere of mutual respect and goodwill. Your insights, reflections and ideas will not be just welcome and appreciated; they will complete the shape of each class." Ms Elkhawad

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The purpose of the TY philosophy short course at Mount Sackville is to engage students in the big questions of life and philosophical enquiry and to introduce them to the founding fathers of western philosophy.

The subject of Philosophy is an integral part of our TY Wellbeing program. Our Philosophy short course is grounded in the exploration of profound questions such as What is the meaning of human life? What is good? What is happiness? What is freedom and do we have free will? Who are we? What is justice? Does God exist? How do we know anything at all? Is language sound with meaning?

We ask these and many other questions while exploring the early history of western philosophy.

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While undertaking this short course students will develop the following skills:

- careful listening

- reflection

- expressing an opinion

- collaborative problem-solving

- critical thinking

- analytical skills

- argumentation

Our TY Philosophy short course will culminate in our April 2019 Mid-term break trip to Greece, which is organized in conjunction with our Department of Classical Studies. Our TY students will be given the opportunity to visit amongst other treasures of classical Greece, the ancient Agora, the ruins of the Academy of Plato and the newly built Museum of Plato and the ruins of the Peripatetic school of Aristotle also known as the Lyceum of Aristotle.

The Mount Sackville Library of also known as the Pichet Library provides a pleasant and comfortable environment for our philosophical adventures.

Recommended literature:

DK, The Philosophy Book ISBN: 978-1-4053-5329-8

Bryan Magee, The Story of Philosophy ISBN: 978–0–24124–126-4

Jostein Gaarder: Sophie’s World ISBN: 978-1-4746-0228-0

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