Love the children … and make a great effort to improve their education
and raise it to as high a degree as possible. Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

Student Council

Message from our Student Council

We decided to run for student council to represent the voices of each one of our classmates in order to ensure that everyone has an equal say and voice in our school to overcome any issues that they may face through their school life. Our main aim this year is to strive for a positive learning environment for all, to ensure that everyone feels appropriately represented and comfortable to strive for a constantly improving school environment.

We joined the student because we wanted to get more involved in the school community and to be a voice for the students. We think that the student council carries much important as it gives the students perspective on problems within the school and allows the students to feel that they are apart of the actions and decisions inside the school.

We hope to make everyone feel included, listen to student ideas, and make school life better. We want to help students succeed, and support each other's well-being. We also want to speak up for student needs, keep everyone informed, and create positive changes together. Our aim is to leave a good mark on our school community by working together and looking out for each other.

Student Council Representatives

1st Year

Ruby Collett

Amber O'Sullivan

2nd Year

Elena King

Lauren McGuirk

3rd Year

Lauren Atkinson

Portia Kenny


Alanna Clancy

Leah Curtin

5th Year

Kate Mulcahy

Emily Windsor

6th Year

Grace Lauhoff

Sasha Doherty

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