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Applied Mathematics

Subject summary

Applied Mathematics is the study of the practical applications of mathematics to real world and physical problems. It is ideal for any student who has obtained a high grade at higher level in Maths in their junior cycle and Transition Year studies and has a passion for problem solving and applying their mathematical knowledge to specific tasks. The subject is engaging and rewarding and links in with many chapters in Maths, Physics and even Computer Science. Applied Maths particularly strengthens your calculus skills that will help you in Maths. It is a two-year programme and is available for study at higher level.

Course Content

The Applied Maths syllabus covers a variety of topics, designed to solve problems arising in physics, computer science, business, and finance.

At higher level, students study the following topics:

  • Linear Motion
  • Projectiles
  • Connected Particles
  • Work and Energy
  • Collisions
  • Circular Motion
  • Calculus in Applied Maths
  • Networks and Graphs
  • Algorithms on Graphs
  • Project Scheduling
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Difference and Differential Equations

Exam Structure

The subject is examined with a two-and-a-half-hour exam (worth 80%) and a mathematical modelling project (worth 20%). The mathematical modelling project is completed in 6th Year and assesses the student’s ability to use mathematics to represent, analyse and make predictions into a real-world phenomenon.

Why study Applied Maths for the Leaving Certificate?

Applied Mathematics builds a solid foundation for students who wish to move on to further study and training in specialised areas such as engineering, technology-related jobs, computer science, mathematics, science, business, and finance. In addition, applied mathematics incorporates a broad range of transferable problem-solving skills and techniques, including logical thinking, creative design, synthesis, and evaluation. It teaches a range of generically useful skills in areas such as communication, time management, organisation, and teamwork. If you’re contemplating studying Applied Maths recognise that it’s not just a subject; it’s a gateway to understanding and shaping the world around you. Prepare to be inspired and embark on a journey that equips you with skills for life.

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